Adventures In Detroit Dining 2.0

It all started in 2010.  We were going to Detroit restaurants when it was at the bottom of everyone’s list.  We were checking out the new and struggling places when nobody was going downtown – when people were leaving en masse.   I remember being offended when I would hear from my many diverse acquaintances – how they avoid hanging out in Detroit.  I was always dismayed by the fear everyone would express about downtown Detroit.  Even at the lowest economic point, Detroit was the love of my life.  Now that the “comeback” has occurred – I cannot be more thrilled and inspired to restart my flowery waxing excitement speech about everything in this city.  So here we go…Adventures in Detroit Dining – 2.0 – new and inspired!  We were Pippi, Lulu, Scarlet and The Greek. I’m looking forward to old and new friends to join us for adventures!

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