Norma G’s

On the newly renovated and revitalizing Jefferson area below Alter – you will find the best Caribbean food in the D! What started as a food truck, Lester has turned into a lovely establishment on the East side. The menu is heavy on the chicken but with a tad of goat and oxtail! I have been there many times now and have never had bad meal. Sitting at the bar is the best. I’ve worked my way through most of the cocktail menu and am happy with most of it, but there are a lot of drinks that are on the very sweet side.

My favorite dish is the Trini Tacos – very spicy with jerk chicken on a lightly fried type of flat bread (bara bread). They are filling – I can only eat one of these in addition to the mandatory sides – so it’s a good idea to share. Also – be warned that the sauce is spicy – and when paired with the spicy jerk chicken, the heat can build (which I love).

The MANDATORY sides are the fried plantains and the mac & cheese. If you have ever had fried sweet plantains – you know what I’m talking about. Moreover, this Mac – I know I might be in trouble for saying – might be the best in the D. It’s exactly how I like it, yet cannot describe it. It’s not goopy, it’s not too dry, it’s not bland, it doesn’t have a fancy breadcrumb topping or candied bacon. It is just really great mac & cheese. I actually like how it has browned bits from the pan cooking.

Jerk Chicken dinner

My second favorite is the Jerk Chicken entree. This is served with red beans & rice and cabbage. It is delicious. I have also tried the goat dishes, and while goat is not my favorite – I must confess – it is well prepared and I recommend it as trying something a little different and adventurous (for me at least!).

I started this review last year – and am returning to finish the draft in August 2020 – I have visited three times since restaurants have reopened and thankfully nothing has changed. Also, they currently have inside seating vs a lot of places currently having only outdoor seating.

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