Cork and Gabel

The best part about this addition to Corktown (besides the food and drink) is the view of both the train station and the Ambassador Bridge. This spot was originally a donut shop in the 1940’s (Mayflower Donuts) and also an auto repair shop in the 60’s. Now, it has been transformed into an edgy yet vintage feeling restaurant. Owner Jeff Mifsud and Executive Chef/Owner Matthew McGrail have created a menu of “comfort foods” from a fusion of German, Irish and Italian cuisines.

Mugsy’s Manhattan: Redemption Rye, Cocchi Americano, Vanilla syrup, Woodford Spiced Cherry Bitters

The entrance is an old used oil tank, with the graffiti of four local artists inside. The clock tower that was originally on this building was restored/rebuilt (not all parts original). Inside you will find some unique features, such as carriage lights from 1862, a line shaft from an 1880’s power factory, tabletops made from a Detroit bowling alley and barnwood walls from Michigan barns dating 100-150 years old.

The menu offers items such as Shepards Pie, Risottos, Pasta, Mac & Cheese, Schnitzel, Bangers & Mash and other varieties of sausage and potatoes. These are the true comfort foods from Germany, Italy and Ireland.

Fried Dubliner Cheese
Serving bangers and brats with a variety of toppings
C&G Chicken with swiss chard, parsnip mashed potatoes and a whiskey mushroom cream sauce

Apparently somewhere in the restaurant there is a hidden Easy Bake Oven – which I did not find, therefore I will need to return – this time to also try the Risotto! They also have brunch.